The United States of America is a free country. COVID19 vaccine mandates infringe on people’s freedom and also hurt the economy. Bill de Blasio, the outgoing mayor of New York City, recently announced a vaccine mandate for all private sector employers. I believe this mandate should be withdrawn or overturned.

Mayor Bill de Blasio announced a vaccine mandate that would go into effect on December 27, would cover 184,000 businesses, and would not provide unvaccinated workers with an option to get tested for COVID19 regularly.

People should not be forced to take the COVID19 vaccine. Freedom-loving Americans find such mandates intrusive. Vaccine mandates diminish people’s freedom to make their own health care decisions.

Businesses have suffered a lot due to various COVID19 rules that local government entities have implemented and enforced, such as capacity limits and mask mandates. The new vaccine mandate in New York City, which is scheduled to go into effect this month, would negatively impact business operations and could possibly drive companies to leave the city. Reduction in the number of businesses in New York City would adversely affect the local economy and hard-working Americans.

At the federal level, President Joe Biden’s COVID19 vaccine mandates are facing legal challenges. The United States Senate also voted to block President Biden’s vaccine mandate on private employers. There is growing opposition to vaccine mandates.

Vaccine mandates are facing various roadblocks at the federal level. At the local level, Mayor de Blasio’s recent order is completely irrational and severely detrimental for the economy. New York City’s new vaccine mandate should be withdrawn or overturned.


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