This month, the vaccine mandate for private businesses in New York City, announced by outgoing Mayor Bill de Blasio, went into effect. The mandate will hurt the private sector. Unfortunately, Mayor-elect Eric Adams has said that the vaccine mandate will remain in place.

According to the mandate, all private sector employees in New York City must be vaccinated against COVID19. This applies to those working in-person at the workplace with other co-workers. The mandate covers approximately 184,000 businesses.

The vaccine mandate also comes with threats of steep monetary penalties. Failure to comply with the mandate could result in a business receiving a fine of 1000 dollars, and the penalty may increase if violations continue.

New Yorkers want freedom from excessive government control. At a time when businesses are struggling to survive financially, a COVID19 vaccine mandate for private sector employees will hurt economic recovery.

Furthermore, no one should be forced to take the COVID19 vaccine. The private sector vaccine mandate will force employees to choose between their jobs and the freedom to make their own health care decisions.

Unfortunately, the incoming mayor of New York City has said that he will keep Mayor Bill de Blasio’s private sector vaccine mandate in place.

Mayor-elect Eric Adams must listen to the hard-working business-owners and employees, who are trying their best to stay afloat financially after facing losses since the outbreak of COVID19. Small businesses have expressed severe concerns regarding the vaccine mandate and many business-owners are afraid that they will lose employees if the mandate remains in place. The mandate could exacerbate the worker shortage that many American businesses are facing.

To help New York City businesses, the private sector vaccine mandate must be withdrawn or overturned, as I have previously written in a blog post. Americans should be free to choose whether to get the COVID19 vaccine or not. Mayor-elect Eric Adams must end the private sector vaccine mandate in New York City.

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