Tawsif Anam is a nationally published writer, award-winning public policy professional, and speaker. He has experience serving in the private, public, and nonprofit sectors in United States and overseas. Anam earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and a Master of Public Affairs degree from the University of Wisconsin – Madison.

Tawsif Anam’s opinions have been published by national, state, and local publications in the United States, such as USA Today, Washington Examiner, The Washington Times, The Western Journal, The Boston Globe, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Wisconsin State Journal, The Capital Times, and The Dodgeville Chronicle. His writings have also appeared in major publications in Bangladesh including, but not limited to, The Daily Star and The Financial Express.

As a Managed Care Policy Analyst at the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, Tawsif Anam helped craft policies to improve health care in the state. At the Wisconsin Medical Society, he researched and drafted policy options to guide the organization’s efforts and initiatives to help ensure a sufficient physician workforce in the state. His experience researching health care-related bills, laws, and administrative rules, and responding to legislators’ policy questions, while working at the Wisconsin Legislative Council, increased his knowledge of government and policymaking. At the Population Health Institute, Anam used project management, database management, communications, and event planning skills to advance the Evidence-Based Health Policy Project, thereby promoting research- and evidence-based decision-making in Wisconsin.

In the nonprofit sector, he studied the Wisconsin Council of the Blind and Visually Impaired’s financial trends; projected its revenues and expenditures; and helped in fundraising to increase support for individuals with visual impairment. As the Assistant Director of Strategic Collaborations at United Way of Dane County, he worked on an initiative that helps individuals without high school diploma to find stable employment and have a better life. At Wisconsin Public Interest Research Group’s Energy Service Corps, Anam worked with Wisconsin residents to improve energy efficiency of their homes; built coalitions with elected officials, local government, business leaders, etc., to promote energy conservation; and helped volunteers in grassroots organizing and advocacy.

Tawsif Anam has also volunteered his time at the Greater University Tutoring Services at the University of Wisconsin – Madison, teaching conversational English to international students, to help them overcome language barriers. He also served as a member of United Way of Dane County’s Community Solutions Team to address poverty and public safety issues.

Anam has appeared at numerous events as a guest speaker, discussing public policy issues facing the country, as well as sharing his experience as an immigrant from Bangladesh and his journey to becoming a United States citizen.

Tawsif Anam has received the Trailblazer Award, from the Urban League of Greater Madison, for his public and community service. He was also a nominee for United Way of Dane County’s Community Volunteer Award in 2014.

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