According to Dr. Anthony Fauci, the United States should consider COVID19 vaccine mandate for domestic air travel. In my opinion, an air travel vaccine mandate would threaten freedom and give government greater control over the lives of Americans.

There is nationwide opposition to vaccine mandates. People believe that the decision to take or not take the COVID19 vaccine should be a matter of personal health care choice. Freedom-loving Americans do not want to be dictated by the government regarding their health care decisions.

Vaccine mandate erodes freedom and restricts people’s movements. Vaccine mandate prevents people from living life according to their own terms. Vaccine mandate also limits commercial activities.

In Illinois, Cook County has announced a vaccine mandate for customers of restaurants, bars, gyms, and various indoor settings. The order is scheduled to go into effect January 3, 2022.

Businesses have already asked the city of Chicago to delay the start of checking for proof of vaccination. Local officials in communities like Orland Park and Burr Ridge have announced that they will defy Cook County’s COVID19 mandate requiring proof of vaccination.

A proof of vaccination requirement for eating at a restaurant or going to the gym, as a result of government order, is government overreach. People must protect their freedom by opposing such vaccine mandates.

Mandating the COVID19 vaccine for domestic air travel would limit Americans’ mobility. No one should be forced to take the vaccine for boarding an airplane to see one’s family or loved one, to go on a business trip, or to go on a vacation. People take an airplane to go from point A to point B, just as people do when they drive a car, take a bus, or ride a train. A COVID19 vaccine mandate for domestic air travel would crush people’s ability to utilize efficient long-distance transportation services.

I oppose vaccine mandates. I wrote against the New York City vaccine mandate for private employers. I also wrote against vaccine requirement for enrollment in colleges. I spoke against the vaccine mandate in a podcast episode. I have also written an op-ed, expressing my opposition to the vaccine mandate for nursing home employees.

Government must not force people to get the COVID19 vaccine for domestic air travel. Let free Americans decide whether to get the COVID19 vaccine or not.

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