High gasoline prices at the pump are causing great pain and suffering for Americans. Here in Madison, Wisconsin, at a gas station close to where I live, the price of regular gasoline has increased significantly and is now approximately $3.09 per gallon, while the premium grade costs close to $4. The Biden administration’s policies have contributed to the increase in fuel prices, resulting in economic hardship for Americans.

We need gasoline for our everyday transportation needs. Businesses need gas for commercial operations, including the transportation of goods. Nationwide, gas prices are rising, creating difficulties for businesses and individual consumers. In a California community, gas price is close to $8 per gallon.

Additionally, the cost of heating a home may also increase significantly. According to a Wisconsin Public Service analysis, it could cost $40 more, compared to last year, for an average homeowner to heat the home this coming winter.

The Biden administration is not a friend of the fossil fuel industry. When Joe Biden started his term in office, he took executive action in an effort to halt oil and gas leases on public lands. The action has been challenged in court. Biden also stopped the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline. The cancellation of the pipeline project has resulted in many workers losing their jobs. President Biden’s actions are roadblocks to affordable energy.

In August of this year, the Biden administration called on the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) to increase oil production to lower energy prices in the United States. The United States has lots of natural resources to allow us to enjoy energy independence, rather than being dependent on foreign oil. Sadly, rather than tapping into our own energy resources, the Biden administration asked OPEC to increase their production.

During a recent CNN town hall, Joe Biden said that gas prices may not go down until 2022. Consumers are tired of seeing such high prices at the pump, as well as the increasing cost of everyday items due to inflation.

We do not know when gas prices may decrease. We do know that Joe Biden’s administration’s policies are causing great economic hardship for Americans.


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