Gavin Newsom, governor of California, is proposing to provide direct payment to vehicle owners, as relief for rising prices of gasoline. Unfortunately, such a proposal would not address the core of the problem that is leading to the rising prices of gas.

According to Governor Newsom’s proposal, Californians would receive debit cards, worth 400 dollars each. Each debit card would be for each vehicle owned, and no more than two vehicles per household, regardless of income.

Governor Newsom wants to increase government spending to tackle a problem that has been caused, in part, due to government spending.

Since President Biden took office, the federal government has pushed for trillions of dollars in new spending. Any student of economics would know that greater government spending leads to rise in prices in the economy. No wonder we are experiencing inflation.

Additionally, the Biden administration is against the extraction and use of domestic oil and gas. While the United States has enough natural resources to power our economy, the Biden administration has made our country dependent on foreign energy.

Prices of fuel have been rising since President Biden came to office, and well before the start of the war in Ukraine. The rise in prices is due to restrictions that the Biden administration has imposed on domestic oil and gas production. The Biden administration has never been a friend of fossil fuels, as is evident from their decision to cancel the Keystone XL project.

When there are strict restrictions on domestic energy production, the result is greater dependence on foreign oil. As our dependence on foreign energy grows, American consumers suffer from rising prices, as we have experienced for well over a year now.

The real solution to the problem of rising prices of gas is to remove restrictions and to allow for increased domestic production. More government spending, as is proposed by Governor Newsom, will not lead to lower prices. Rather than talking about Governor Newsom’s debit card proposal, we must focus on unleashing American energy and achieving energy independence.

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