Here’s the reality that climate activists won’t tell you: fossil fuels help drive America forward.

The Biden administration has imposed restrictions on domestic oil and gas production, and also canceled the Keystone XL Pipeline project. As a result, America is now dependent on foreign oil producers.

Dependence on foreign oil producers makes the American economy more vulnerable to geopolitical tension. As we can see, the war in Ukraine has impacted the price of gasoline in America.

The price of oil has topped 130 dollars per barrel. The average price of gas has topped 4 dollars per gallon, nationally. As a result, Americans are struggling to fill up the tanks of their automobiles. Businesses are getting hurt because of increased transportation expenses.

Anti-fossil fuel policies, pushed by climate activists, cannot protect the American consumer from financial pain. What we need right now is to unleash American energy. The government must remove all barriers that currently restrict domestic oil and gas production. We must also restart the Keystone XL Pipeline project.

The United States of America must focus on achieving energy independence to ensure a sound economic future of the people of our country.

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