New York is becoming unsafe for living and raising a family due to rising crime. This is further exacerbated by the fact that people are calling for police to be defunded.

It was recently reported that New York City homicides have risen 21 percent in the first half of the year, and shootings have gone up by 46 percent. Rising violence has also affected children. A 1-year-old boy was killed, and at least 34 other people were injured in shootings in New York City over the past weekend.

More than ever, New York needs strong police presence to keep people safe and to respond to reports of criminal conduct in a swift manner.

Unfortunately, at a time when the men and women in uniform need the support of New York’s elected leaders, city officials voted to move approximately $1 billion from the police department. However, that did not completely please the advocates of “Defund the Police” movement, many of whom believe that the cuts do not go far enough. Anti-police activists would like to see the police department completely abolished.

The calls to defund and completely abolish the police are detached from reality. Every society needs law and order. America, as a nation, is based on law and order.

The people need law and order, and law enforcement agencies, to prevent chaos and anarchy. Removing funding from police departments and/or diminishing the ability of men and women in blue to perform their duties would lead to more crime, more loss of life, and growing unrest.

Just recently, a man from Bronx allegedly stabbed two senior citizens on a subway. The attack, according to reports, was unprovoked. Also, this week, , according to news reports, a decapitated and dismembered body of a technology CEO was found in a New York City apartment. The victim, named Fahim Saleh, was a Bangladeshi American.

Crime in New York City is rising, and defunding police and abolishing law enforcement agencies would make matters much worse. America is the land of freedom. For people to be free, we need law and order, and we need police to enforce the laws.

New York is not the only city where crime is rising, along with calls to defund the police. Large cities like Chicago have also seen rising crime in recents months. We cannot let anarchy rule our homeland. The calls to defund the police must be stopped, and elected officials at the local level must strongly support the men and women in blue, and not take money away from law enforcement agencies.

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