Lack of reliable transportation is one of the greatest challenges that senior citizens face. But assistance from family members can help meet such needs.

Many senior citizens have physical challenges due to old age. They need timely and safe transportation to go grocery shopping, visit the clinic for medical appointments, visit places of worship, travel to the bank, and much more. But the elderly often cannot make these essential trips because their health may not permit them to operate automobiles.

Even when financial resources are available to obtain rental transportation services, the elderly often need a comforting and steady hand to assist them at every step.

Therefore, it is important for family members to be engaged in caregiving, including helping seniors with their transportation needs, as much as possible. In their senior years, people need support from those they can trust, and family members can help fulfill those needs.

Our country is facing a demographic shift. With a growing number of elderly individuals in society, there will be greater need for help with transportation. Families should help their senior members meet their transportation needs.

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