Since the outbreak of COVID19, there came a wave of public health guidelines, rules, restrictions, and mandates. As a result, Americans suffered financially, emotionally, as well as physically.

Americans of all ages, from all walks of life, suffered from the intrusive government orders that affected their personal, professional, and social lives.

Many working-age Americans saw their businesses and places of employment shut down. Some managed to stay employed by working remotely, while many others were laid off. Businessowners – such as those who own restaurants and bars in places like Dane County, Wisconsin – saw their businesses and revenues shrink due to government-imposed capacity restrictions.

Many students saw their classes moved to virtual instruction, and this sudden change disrupted the flow of their education. In a place like Madison, Wisconsin, many K-12 students continue to suffer because of mask mandate in schools.

Vaccine mandate at the federal level and the government’s efforts to require vaccines for private sector employees resulted in massive disruptions in the workplace. In our economy, people get rewarded for hard work. Sadly, people who worked at their places of employment for years, and even decades, faced resignation and termination simply because of their refusal to get the COVID19 vaccine.

Growing number of senior citizens also suffered tremendously, because of the loneliness of being in isolation. Since the start of the virus outbreak, many facilities that house senior citizens imposed various restrictions. These COVID19-restrictions included limiting visitors. Due to being lonely for extended periods of time, many elderly individuals suffered emotionally.

Furthermore, as various hospitals and clinics postponed non-emergency procedures due to the outbreak of COVID19, people were unable to access many important health care services. Delays in receiving care exacerbated many health problems, leading to needing a greater degree of medical attention when services resumed.

Despite all the suffering, the struggle is not over. Many Americans continue to struggle against COVID19 mask and vaccine mandates and continue to suffer from the adverse financial impacts of economic slowdown and inflation.

For the collective suffering to end, we must strictly adhere to our Constitution and basic economic principles. People must not be forced to choose between their jobs and the freedom to make their own health care decisions. Masks should not be forced upon people and children. And finally, free market principles must be embraced by all to allow our country to realize its full economic potential. Government intrusion, adversely affecting the lives of freedom-loving Americans, must end.

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