Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti was seen, without a mask, taking photos with NBA legend Magic Johnson and Mayor London Breed of San Francisco, at a sporting event. The elected official was seen maskless at SoFi Stadium that has a mask mandate in place. Therefore, Mayor Garcetti’s action is a clear violation of the stadium’s policy.

First of all, I personally believe that there should not be any mask mandate. The decision to wear or to not wear masks must be a personal decision. What is shocking to see is that politicians, who impose mask mandates or support such mandates, violate the very policies that they advocate for. California Governor Gavin Newsom was also caught without a mask at the same sporting event that Mayor Garcetti was at.

Former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who pushed for masks to be worn, was also caught hanging out with friends and without a mask and with no social distancing, last year. Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, an advocate for masks, was also seen enjoying her vacation at a packed bar in Florida, without a mask.

Mayor Garcetti, in his defense, said that he held his breath while taking photos without a mask on. According to the language of the Los Angeles County mask mandate, there is no known provision that allows a mask to be taken off while holding one’s breath and taking photos with other people. What Mayor Garcetti has done is in violation of the county mask mandate that many Americans are forced to abide by.

It is deeply troubling that government officials who push for mask mandates have been caught disregarding the very same rules that they want people to follow. The hypocrisy is shocking. In the case of Mayor Garcetti, his actions – taking the mask off and then claiming that he held his breath – are seriously confusing.

The American people want freedom. People should not be forced by government officials to wear masks. Let the American public decide whether to wear masks or not.

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