President Joe Biden, while speaking to Al Roker of NBC on Thanksgiving Day, enthusiastically claimed that “America is back”. His words were an expression of joy, contrary to what millions of Americans are feeling as they deal with inflation, worker crisis, and shortage of essential products.

Thanksgiving Day is a special day. Across the country, families and friends get together for this occasion. People take flights and drive long distances to visit their loved ones for Thanksgiving dinner.

This year, travel is more expensive for Americans, driven largely by high gas prices. Earlier this month, gas prices rose to the highest level in seven years. But it is not just gas prices that have increased over the last several months.

For months, Americans are seeing inflation erode the value of money. Recently, it was reported that U.S. inflation has hit 31-year high in October. Prices of everyday items have been rising for months, affecting this year’s Thanksgiving dinner.

Thanksgiving, in 2021, has been labeled as the “most expensive Thanksgiving in history.” Turkey prices have been reported to be 13 percent higher, compared to two years ago. According to the American Farm Bureau Federation, the average Thanksgiving meal was estimated to be 14 percent more expensive than last year.

In addition to rising prices, people are also suffering from supply shortages that affected Thanksgiving meals. Thanksgiving turkeys were reported to be in shorter supply this year, when compared to last year. Shortages were also reported for cranberry sauce, yams, and sweet potatoes. Businesses also warned that wine and spirits may be in short supply.

Shortages have been widespread for months, and the situation does not seem to be improving. Cargo ships have been stuck at U.S. ports, waiting for the containers to be unloaded. The shortages are particularly challenging during the holiday season, when people are looking to shop. Reportedly, the supply chain challenges may continue well into 2022.

American organizations have been struggling for months due to a labor shortage, on top of other economic problems. When businesses cannot find enough workers to fill all the available shifts, the economy slows down.

The difficulties facing American businesses and consumers have been going on for months. Yet, President Joe Biden claimed, on Thanksgiving Day, that “America is back.”

America is struggling under the weight of various economic challenges. To simply utter a few words to claim victory and paint a rosy picture will not hide the fact that rising inflation, supply chain problems, and labor crisis are hurting our economy.

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