Reportedly, the Austrian government has ordered a lockdown for millions of people who are not fully vaccinated against COVID19. Such an order threatens people’s freedom.

The decision to receive the COVID19 vaccine should be a personal decision. Government must not dictate people what to do in terms of their own health.

In Austria, Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg has ordered that millions of people who are not fully vaccinated against COVID19 will have to remain in lockdown starting Monday. The lockdown is scheduled to last for at least 10 days. Reportedly, the government will allow certain exceptions, such as going to work, shopping for groceries, and leaving home to get vaccinated.

The Austrian lockdown will apply to adults, as well as minors over the age of 11. Enforcement of this lockdown will be carried out by police, and would involve checking people’s vaccination records as well as imposing fines for violation of rules.

The Austrian lockdown takes away people’s freedom. Human beings should be able to live their lives the way they wish to. This lockdown is unjust.

The United States of America is the beacon of hope for all people. As Americans, we must express our opposition to the lockdown of innocent people in Austria.

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