The illegal entry of people into the United States puts the health of Americans at risk. Undocumented immigrants may be carrying contagious illnesses. Therefore, the unauthorized flow of foreign nationals into the United States, through the southern border must, be stopped.

Undocumented immigrants may not only be infected with coronavirus, but they may also have a wide range of other contagious illnesses, such as influenza, tuberculosis, pneumonia, malaria, cholera, typhoid, measles, etc. Many of these could be life-threatening. When these foreign nationals enter the United States illegally, they may be bringing those contagious diseases with them, which increases the likelihood of transmission to the American population.

It is estimated that two million undocumented immigrants may enter the United States by the end of the fiscal year. The border crisis is also a public health crisis. Therefore, the border must be secured and the flow of illegal immigrants into the United States must be stopped immediately.


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