Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has repeated what Hillary Clinton did when she was running for the office of the president in 2016, that is, to insult supporters of Donald Trump. Their words promote division, rather than unity.

During the 2016 presidential election cycle, Hillary Clinton called Trump supporters “deplorables” and also said that they are “irredeemable”. To this day, the American people have not forgotten the insults. Now, Joe Biden called Trump supporters “chumps” during a speech at a campaign event in Pennsylvania.

Donald Trump, through his actions and words, seeks to win the support of the people, no matter what their color or creed. He seeks the support of those who may never have voted for Republican candidates in the past or may not have voted for him in 2016. Trump always wants to unite people, and to gain their support as he seeks to use his time in office to steer the country towards a path of peace and prosperity. But judging from the words and actions of the Democratic presidential nominees from 2016 and 2020, it is clear that they show their disrespect for the voters who do not lean towards them politically.

When candidates call people insulting names as Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden have done, it shows that the candidates are incapable of winning people’s support based on their policies and proposals, It also shows that they are either unsuccessful or incapable of promoting a hopeful message of unity. Hence they fuel the fires of division.

American voters must reject Joe Biden in 2020, as they rejected Hillary Clinton in 2016.

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