Just when people thought that things could not get any more difficult, the office of the governor of California advised restaurant diners that they should put their masks back on after each bite. The suggestion is ridiculous, to say the least.

Masks have become a topic of great controversy and debate over the last several months. Various states have mandated the use of masks, with certain exceptions. In my home state of Wisconsin, the mask mandate has been extended by the governor. The mandate, however, has been challenged in court and a decision is pending.

Masks should not be mandated. If an individual wants to wear a mask, he or she must be free to do so. However, for a government entity to mandate masks for all Americans within a city, county, or state is anti-freedom.

In spite of mask mandates, no government entity has asked restaurant diners to wear masks in between bites. To my knowledge, California is the first state where such as suggestion has been published from the office of the governor. The governor’s office is facing strong criticisms, as a result.

The recommendation by the governor’s office, asking people to wear masks in between bites at a restaurant, show how much government can try to interfere in people’s personal lives in the name of public health. Americans know what is best for them, and must be trusted to make their own decisions.

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