Just when Wisconsin’s restaurant industry thought that COVID-related restrictions would be eased, making way for people to get back to reviving their businesses and making up for the losses incurred over the last several months, the governor of Wisconsin announced additional restrictions. The new order would hurt the already-struggling restaurants in the state, and could even lead to permanent closures for many.

Under the new order, the state would limit indoors gathering in bars and restaurants to 25 percent of capacity, effective as of October 8, 2020. Restricting the capacity to serve customers, in an industry already severely hit severely by the pandemic-related lockdowns and restrictions, may result in many business-owners shutting down their restaurants to cut further losses.

Reportedly, half of Wisconsin’s restaurants would go out of business as a result of this new order. If restaurants shut down permanently, it would result in unemployment. Hardworking Americans, already in financial pain, would be in greater trouble. Associated businesses, such as those who supply food ingredients and as well as services such as cleaning and maintenance, would be adversely affected as well.

Fear of possible closure is making restaurants make plea to the community to step up and help them stay in business. For example, Madison’s popular restaurant The Old Fashioned created a GoFundMe page with a goal of raising $75,000 to pay for operating costs, employee health care and payroll expenses until the establishment can open at full capacity. There are many other restaurants across the state that desperately need to open up at 100 percent capacity to continue to overcome their challenges and move forward towards a path of financial recovery.

In the land of liberty and freedom, government must never limit the ability of hardworking Americans to earn an honest living. The new order that limits the capacity of restaurants to serve customers is an example of government overreach. The order must be revoked, or overturned, to prevent many restaurants from going bankcrupt.

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