This year, we have seen many examples of government overreach across the country. During the pandemic, state and local governments forced people to shut down businesses, and also restricted people’s personal freedom by forcing them to wear masks. Many of these mandates are still in place. If Joe Biden is elected to the office of the president, he would take government intrusion a step further by imposing a nationwide mask mandate.

People must try to prevent the spread of COVID19, by adopting reasonable measures. If private businesses want to enforce a mask mandate on their property, they may choose to do so. Customer and clients can choose to enter the private establishment, or not do so. However, government cannot issue countywide or statewide orders for all people to wear masks. Unfortunately, government entities went well beyond their authority to impose such orders, including in my home state of Wisconsin.

Mask mandates have resulted in ongoing legal battles, as well as arguments among people in public places. At a time when people must be united, mask mandates have caused conflicts among Americans. There are those who support these government interventions and those who value their personal liberty.

Joe Biden, following President Trump’s COVID19 diagnosis, has called for a nationwide mask mandate. His call for a nationwide mask mandate adds another point to the long list of reasons why he should be rejected by the American people and not be elected to the office of the president.

Americans know how to best protect themselves during the pandemic. For months, federal, state and local public health organizations have been providing guidelines to ensure health and safety. No rational human being wants to be infected with coronavirus, and would follow reasonable guidelines to protect health and to be safe. However, people cannot stop living their lives, which is what would happen when businesses are shut down, masks are mandated, schools are closed, and people stop interacting with each other.

We must continue to live our lives, while doing our best to prevent the spread of COVID19. Americans do not deserve more government interventions in their lives. Joe Biden’s call for a nationwide mask mandate is enough to not vote for him this fall. Americans want greater freedom, not nationwide mask mandates.


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