I was disappointed to learn that protesters in Chicago were trying to topple the statue of Christopher Columbus, yesterday.

Statues and monuments are an important part of America. These statues help document and preserve our nation’s history.

Unfortunately, many individuals are trying to destroy statues and historical monuments, which is resulting in chaos and lawlessness.

There are many historical figures who have contributed greatly to improving the lives of people and taking our nation forward in spite of great challenges. Those who are looking to topple statues are completely disregarding the many contributions of these leaders of the past.

One great example is President Abraham Lincoln, who fought to abolish slavery in America. In spite of Lincoln’s history of trying to create a better America for all human beings, anarchists are waging a war against his statues. In my home city, student groups called for the removal of Lincoln’s state on Bascom Hill, on University of Wisconsin – Madison’s campus. Fortunately, so far, the efforts to remove the statue have been unsuccessful.

The statue of Frederick Douglass, who was an abolitionist, was also vandalized by anarchists in Maplewood Park, Rochester, New York. However, a new statue of Frederick Douglass was later erected in Maplewood Park, in response to the earlier destruction.

Statues of former presidents and other great leaders of various social movements must be protected. As a nation, we must protect history and learn from it. Lawless acts of destruction must come to an end.

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