I was getting fuel for my car at a Kwik Trip location when I first heard the word “frog bread” during a video clip being played on the gas station TV screen. I became very curious and wanted to look up the details.

Some may think that it is a new kind of food that involves “frog”. I know that there are restaurants that serve frog meat. There is a restaurant within a three-mile mile radius of my residence that serves frog legs. Therefore, I thought that perhaps there is a special kind of bread that involves frog meat. Perhaps it refers to some kind of a hot bun filled with or served with frog meat, or maybe a special sandwich of frog meat. It could even be a frog stew served hot with warm bread, I guessed.

However, when I searched for “frog bread” on the internet, I was surprised with the findings. The bread actually has nothing to do with frogs, except that it is baked in the shape of a frog.

While I am not sure how this trend started, I learned that there are people who have been baking bread in a way that makes the finished product look like a frog. The “frog bread” has big eyes and puffy legs of dough.

Bakers have become creative, making frog bread of various sizes. Some are attributing this new trend to the boredom caused by this lengthy quarantine.

Do you think frog bread would make a good appetizer? Would frog bread be a welcome addition to one’s breakfast table? After all, it is simply bread, and has nothing to do with an actual frog.

I have yet to see a frog bread, except the ones I have seen on the internet. Have you seen or eaten a loaf or slice of frog bread yet?

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