Reportedly, future of blow-dryers at salons and barbershops is uncertain. It is believed that blow-dryers can help spread droplets in the air, and may lead to the spread of viruses, including the life-threatening coronavirus.

Governor Ned Lamont of Connecticut announced that hair salons in the state could re-open on May 20, but the establishments would not be allowed to use blow-dryers. The state of Connecticut, however, eased the restriction by allowing blow-dryers to be used by salons on an “as needed” basis.

Salons across the country would likely come under various rules with regard to the use of blow-dryers. Any restrictions on the use of these products would greatly reduce the ability of stylists to perform their tasks with efficiency.

There are also salons that would pro-actively limit the use of blow-dryers, to prevent the spread of germs in case a client or staff members coughs or sneezes. These are all going to be very difficult decisions for business-owners, as well as for clients looking for services.

But the concern goes well beyond a blow-dryer used for drying and styling hair. What about the hand-dryers in restrooms nationwide?

I remember that many public and private establishments replaced paper towels with electric hand-dryers. People strongly disliked these changes, because many still paper towels to be more convenient. Furthermore, not only wipe their wet hands with paper towels but also use paper towels to pull door-handles when exiting restrooms in malls and other commercial buildings. This prevents people from having to touch germ-infested restroom door handles after washing their hands.

Clearly, many were upset as easy-to-use paper towels were replaced by electric hand-dryers. The move was a so-called “environmentally friendly” choice, to save the trees and the planet. Well, that argument is certainly no longer valid because now hand-dryers, that blow strong air, may also be helping spread harmful germs and viruses. In the age of the pandemic, hand-dryers may pose threats to public health, especially in an enclosed restroom where there are likely to be more germs and viruses than other places.

It is shocking to see how the so-called “environmentally friendly” choices such as electric hand-dryers in restrooms can fall flat as the world combats the global coronavirus pandemic.

I am sure that, in the interest of public health, more and more people will choose to limit the use of, or even forgo, the use of blow-dryers as well and hand-dryers. With regard to the latter, the good old paper towels may once again start gaining popularity.

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