As the coronavirus pandemic highlighted the importance of social distancing, drive-in movie theaters are starting to gain popularity again.

I have watched the movie Twister, featuring Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt, many times. One of the most memorable scenes is the one showing a drive-in movie theater.

In that scene, everyone seems relaxed. Cars are lined up, as people are looking at the giant outdoor screen, enjoying a movie. There are concession stands nearby, selling popcorn and other items. The evening seems pleasant. Obviously, because the movie is about natural disaster, what happens next is the arrival of a life-threatening twister. I’ll let you watch the movie to find out the rest, if you have not already.

For many years, it seemed that drive-in theaters were losing popularity. People started to enjoy the comfortable and luxurious reclining seats in temperature-controlled theaters, watching 3D movies with high-quality sound. No matter what the weather or season, people could always watch their favorite movies in indoor theaters.

In spite of the offerings in advanced indoor facilities, drive-in movie theaters still have special charm. Many consumers loves the experience of sitting in their cars, with friends, family, or loved ones, perhaps under a beautiful evening sky full of stars, and enjoy a nice movie projected on a large outdoor screen.

During the coronavirus pandemic, watching a movie in an indoor theater, sitting in close proximity with other people, would be a violation of social distancing guidelines. Therefore, many people across the country chose to watch movies using streaming services such as Netflix, in the comfort of their homes.

However, many Americans find watching movies at home to be a lonely experience. Humans need to feel like they are part of a community. People still crave for large gatherings and group settings, and an evening with friends, watching a movie and enjoy food and beverages. And that’s where drive-in theaters come in.

Drive-in theaters appear to be making a strong comeback. People are seeking entertainment opportunities, while successfully social distancing. Drive-in movie theaters make that possible.

In fact, in Wisconsin, the famous Madison Mallards’ Duck Pond would be converted into a drive-in movie theater, to provide people with much-needed entertainment. The first movie to be featured at this drive-in theater is Aladdin, scheduled for May 20, 2020. People would also have the opportunity to buy canned beer, wine, and other soft beverages at this location.

Times are changing, and as people combat the coronavirus, life must still go on. Entertainment is a big part of human life, and drive-in theaters would allow people to enjoy a pleasant time with friends and family, while abiding by social distancing guidelines. I believe that drive-in theaters are truly making a comeback.

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