Wisconsin is suffering from a shortage of dentists. At the same time, dental health needs are severe. The pandemic, which resulted in widespread shutdowns including dental offices, would make the crisis even worse.

In Wisconsin, there are unmet dental health needs. Reasons include from lack of insurance coverage, significant out-of-pocket costs, and long wait lists to see dental providers. Many individuals, even with insurance, often neglect routine care that leads to conditions becoming severe.

As a result the coronavirus pandemic, dentists have suspended all non-emergency procedures. As a result, people are unable to receive dental screening and routine services, which would create a backlog when lockdown is lifted.

Furthermore, because of widespread loss of jobs, and possible termination of insurance coverage, many Wisconsinites may not be able to afford to see a dentist. This lack of access to care could mean deteriorating dental health and growing needs.

Dental health is essential to one’s overall wellbeing. The coronavirus lockdown would create challenges for people’s access to care to dental health providers. This may be one of the most significant long-term costs of this pandemic.

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