“Hornet” sounds scary enough. “Murder hornet” sounds really very scary. In fact, as the name explains, it can be life-threatening. Unfortunately, murder hornets are now here in the United States.

New York Post reported over the weekend that these murder hornets (scientific name being “Vespa mandarinia”) have found their way from Asia to America. These insects, equipped with powerful stingers, pose major threat to the bee population.

Bees are essential to maintaining the Earth’s ecosystem. Bees help pollinate and facilitate the production of fruits and plants. In short, bees are critical to keeping human beings and animal fed. If the bee population is destroyed, sustaining life on Earth might be impossible.

Reportedly, murder hornets can not only kill bees, they can also attack human beings. According to the New York Times, these particular hornets kill up to 50 people each year, in Japan. Furthermore, the hornet can even puncture and damage beekeeper’s suit, which explains how dangerous these insects are.

The murder hornets have been discovered in Washington. Experts are concerned that these hornets can form colonies, and spread across the United States.

The United States must adopt every measure necessary to stop the spread of the Vespa mandarinia. Failure to prevent this invasive species from increasing its population size on American soil would be deadly for bees, and also for human beings.

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