The coronavirus pandemic has brought The Walking Dead to a halt on its path. This is just another example of the widespread impact of the pandemic in people’s lives.

The highly popular television series is broadcasted on AMC on Sunday evening. For many years now, The Walking Dead, a series based on a post-apocalyptic world, developed a strong fan base. It is in its 10th season, which in itself would tell anyone how much support the series has received over the years. The characters have evolved over time – many dead, others stronger than before – as they battled zombies (called “walkers”) as well as various villains.

Fans are currently awaiting the season finale of The Walking Dead, which should have been on television by now. However, because of the coronavirus lockdowns, post-production work remains unfinished, and hence the postponement. There is no firm date regarding when the season finale would be available for fans to watch, except that AMC has said that lockdown restrictions would have to be loosened so that work can be completed.

As time goes by, people are starting to realize how far and wide coronavirus has affected America. While people are stuck at home, worrying about their health and economic security, entertaining shows on television help put minds at ease, even if temporarily. But those television programs need to be produced for consumption as well, and that process has been disrupted as well.

Let us hope that life would soon go back to normal, so that people can resume their daily activities in a safe and healthy way.


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