Dennis Quaid recently praised President Donald Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic, during an interview with The Daily Beast. In particular, the actor expressed that the Republican president is doing a good job trying to bring the American states together in the fight against this deadly virus, while also managing the economy during this crisis. Over the last few years, many Hollywood celebrities have spoken out against Donald Trump. With Dennis Quaid praising Trump during one of the most crucial tests of his presidency, the question now is whether or not Dennis Quaid represents other Hollywood voices? I believe the answer is yes.

Donald Trump, prior to running for president, was not only a highly successful businessman, but was also a celebrity on television. However, Donald Trump’s relationship with Hollywood has not been great since he joined presidential politics as a Republican. Not only did numerous Hollywood celebrities speak out against his policy proposals, many also questioned his integrity, his fitness for office, and his character. In spite of a wave of accusations and insults, Donald Trump prevailed, making his way to the White House. From that point onwards, he has been delivering on his campaign promises, and trying to bring Americans together for a prosperous future of our country.

Still, high-profile Hollywood celebrities are continuing with their criticisms and verbal and written attacks on television and social media. Moreover, actors have also participated in organized protests such as the Women’s March, blasting harsh words at the American president. Even as recently as this year, Hollywood personalities actively engaged in presidential campaigns, promoting Democratic candidates to challenge the incumbent Donald Trump. Notably, actor Michael Douglas campaigned for former Democratic candidate and billionaire businessman Michael Douglas, whose presidential aspirations crashed to the ground not long after takeoff. Most shockingly, award ceremonies such as the Oscars have become a stage for celebrities to voice their politically charged comments against President Donald Trump.

Yet, there are some Hollywood celebrities who have been outspoken in their support for President Trump. Jon Voigt called Donald Trump “the greatest president since Abraham Lincoln.” Kanye West had proudly worn a “Make America Great Again” hat, and also met with President Trump in the Oval Office. Other names on the list of President Trump’s supporters include Kirstie Alley and Stephen Baldwin. And now, Dennis Quaid joins the list.

It is not unusual for one to wonder whether or not there are many other people in Hollywood who support President Trump. Hollywood, as a matter of fact, is a very big place. We know there are loud voices coming out of Hollywood that hurl insults at the president. But are there many others who appreciate the president and his administration, but stay silent about it? It is a strong possibility.

Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, President Trump’s policies resulted in record high employment and solid economic growth in America. When the economy does better overall, Hollywood would reap those benefits as well. When we become a stronger nation, economically and militarily, all Americans, including those in Hollywood, would be better off. And when the country faces a pandemic, Hollywood struggles as well. Hence, the president’s victory against the coronavirus would mean that all Americans, including the people in Hollywood, would benefit from being safe.

It is a mistake to think all of Hollywood is against Trump. As time goes by, more and more voices, including those coming from Hollywood, would express that we must stand with our president as he steers the country towards safety and success.

I hope that I am right in my understanding that Dennis Quaid represents a larger pool of people in Hollywood who stand with President Trump, and yet chooses not to speak out. Perhaps the wave has already started that would bring more and more Hollywood supporters of President Trump forward, without the fear of being shunned by the industry leaders.

Let us not forget that President Trump has the best interest of America in mind. When he succeeds, we all succeed.

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