The hashtag #CuomoForPresident has been spreading among liberals on Twitter, as Democrats desperately look for an alternative to Joe Biden, after Biden’s gaffe-filled campaign and awkward television interviews reduced the support he has within his party.

Joe Biden has been in Washington for decades. He served in Congress and also as vice president for eight years alongside President Barack Obama. In spite of his long history in Democratic politics, he finds his support dwindling in the presidential race. At the same time, he is getting dragged further left by activists in the Democratic Party who are promoting socialist policies.

After Bernie Sanders dropped out of the race, Biden became the presumptive nominee. Yet, many Democrats seem to be scrambling for a different candidate. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s name has been floated as a candidate for presidency, as the governor makes daily appearances on television with his press briefings on coronavirus and has been getting lots of publicity.

New York has been the hardest hit state so far, during this pandemic. Currently, there are over 220,000 confirmed cases and more than 12,000 coronavirus deaths. Needless to say, New York has been dealing with one of the greatest challenges in the state’s history.  And now, it appears that New York is making some progress in combating this virus.

To aid New York in handling the crisis, the nation’s Commander-in-Chief Donald Trump continues to play an extremely important role. Born and raised as a New Yorker, Donald Trump has strong ties to and love for The Empire State. As president, he provided major federal assistance to New York in numerous ways, including supplying them with USNS Comfort hospital ship. Top federal officials galvanized resources to provide the greatest possible help to New York in addressing the outbreak and delivering care to those in need.

As a result of President Trump’s leadership and his administration’s speedy response to the crisis, Governor Cuomo praised the president, and also Vice President Mike Pence, and thanked them both. Trump’s decisive actions resulted in elected leaders from both parties putting aside their political differences, and working together to help people.

Many Democrats are now pushing Andrew Cuomo to run against the same president that he publicly thanked for his bold steps. Governor Cuomo has shot down all the 2020 speculations, stating clearly that he neither wants to be the president, nor the vice president. Cuomo further added that he wants to remain as the governor of New York.

If Andrew Cuomo were to change his mind and jump into the race, he would have to face the voters on one of the most important social issues of our lifetime – abortion. Governor Cuomo signed legislation that legalizes abortion up to birth, as recently pointed out by Reverend Franklin Graham.

Also, reportedly, Governor Andrew Cuomo had the opportunity to purchase 16,000 ventilators back in 2015, which would likely have greatly helped in the battle against coronavirus. However, Governor Cuomo opted against this opportunity to boost the state’s preparedness, which was a very poor decision on his end.

Andrew Cuomo, to the Democrats, may seem to be a great presidential candidate to run again Donald Trump. However, if Cuomo does in fact jump into the race, many questions regarding his executive decisions and less-than-satisfactory (and in many cases, poor) management of one of the most populated American states would be brought to attention.

It is best for Andrew Cuomo to continue his role as the Governor of New York and to improve his governance style, rather than to venture out into presidential politics. It is worth repeating that Andrew Cuomo did in fact voice his firm decision against a presidential run.  

That leaves Joe Biden as the sole candidate for president from the Democratic Party, unless the liberals can come up with an alternative. In any case, Donald Trump’s long list of accomplishments puts him in a very strong position for re-election in November.

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