Many attorneys general from across America are demanding action on price gouging. Given the nature of the consumer market, and the volume of business that take places online, companies such as Amazon and Facebook must step up and ensure that they prevent sellers from unfairly inflating prices amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

Americans are not only fighting the pandemic, but are also dealing with economic uncertainty. Many families are struggling to make ends meet. In addition to online sellers, many brick and mortar stores in Wisconsin have also been accused of unfairly increasing prices of essentials such as toilet paper, masks, and food items. For sellers to engage in price gouging, and putting hard-working Americans in greater hardship, is unacceptable.

Companies with online sales platforms must join the fight and make sure that price-gougers are stopped from engaging in such business practices. Additionally, government and law enforcement agencies must continue to investigate and prosecute those who engage in taking advantage of American consumers. It is time to take exemplary action against price gouging.

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