The electorate is changing – children grow up, foreign-born individuals become naturalized citizens, many develop passion for politics, people move in and out of cities and state, etc. Wisconsin’s second congressional district leans towards Democrats. However, the support for conservatives could gradually grow.

Dane, the largest county in the district, has major employers and entrepreneurial opportunities – making it a prime destination for movers, while surrounding counties also attract new residents. According to the Badger Institute, in 2017, almost 27,000 people left Illinois for Wisconsin. Between 2014 and 2017, Wisconsin has gained nearly 40 residents from Illinois, per day. Conservative activists in the region are spreading the message of life, liberty, and opportunity to the changing electorate, including those who fled Democrat-run Illinois where high taxes and big government have limited individual freedom.

On college campuses, activists are inviting nationally-known conservative speakers, and using social media to mobilize the next generation of leaders. Proactive outreach efforts by Republican Party of Dane County, such as Mobile Office Hours, annual parades, monthly Pints and Politics, and grassroots training sessions would grow Republican support, and help turn the congressional district more conservative.

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