Innovation is excellent, it is what keeps the world moving forward. But sometimes, traditional ways of doing things are preferred. That is my conclusion after reading a news article about an electric vehicle for police that ran out of charge during a chase in northern California.

There are benefits to using gasoline over electricity. First, a gas station is more common than an electric charging station. Secondly, it takes seconds to minutes to fill up a tank of gas, while it could take hours to fully charge an electric vehicle. In law enforcement, when every second counts while responding to threats and emergencies, traditional gasoline-driven vehicle is a safer option compared to electric vehicle.

I drive a hybrid car, like the miles per gallon, and support technological advancements that make vehicles more efficient, smooth, and durable. But there is a difference between the needs of a private citizen using a vehicle for business or pleasure, versus the needs of law enforcement and emergency response professionals. I hope that law enforcement agencies will continue using gas-driven vehicles, until technology develops further to make electric vehicles fit for police use.

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