On November 6, 2018, Wisconsinites need to make a choice between freedom and dependency. The decision must be a rational one. Each voter needs to ask him/herself: What is it that I want? More money in my pocket, or more power in the hands of the government? More opportunities in the market, or seeing businesses leave the state? More funding for education to prepare the future generations for the workforce, or poor quality schools that do not meet parents’ expectations? High quality healthcare with coverage for pre-existing conditions, or long wait-lists to enroll into need-based public health insurance program? The ability to defend oneself from harm, or restrictions on the people’s right to keep and bear arms? A thriving economy with budget surplus, or a state plagued by massive deficits?

Under Republican leadership, Wisconsin has risen from the depths of economic failures and restraints on people’s freedom to become a shining example of success for other American states to look at and learn from. Because of bold reforms and wise decision-making by Governor Scott Walker, Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch, and the GOP-controlled legislature, the people of Wisconsin are enjoying lower tax burden. Our state now has an unemployment rate of approximately 3 percent, compared to over 9 percent in 2010. Historic level of investment in K-12 education is taking place, while a freeze on University of Wisconsin System tuition is helping students complete college. Under Governor Walker’s leadership, low-income individuals are able to enroll in Medicaid, without having to wait in a long list that there used to be during Governor Jim Doyle’s administration. Our leaders are protecting our constitutional right to keep and bear arms – Wisconsin now has concealed carry law that allows law-abiding citizens to carry a firearm to protect oneself from harm, just as the Founding Fathers intended. Overall, our economy went from having a 3.6 billion dollar deficit in 2010, to having a large surplus. These are not talking points; these are a few of many verifiable facts that show the success of our Republican leaders in Wisconsin. Each and every voter should carefully take into account the record of strong leadership and the results that the GOP has delivered in the last 8 years, before making a decision on November 6.

Wisconsinites have to decide whether to go back to the old days of high taxes, tuition hikes, more government control over healthcare, less freedom and more dependency on government, and a failing economy, or continue being on the path of growth and prosperity. We must not only re-elect Governor Walker and Lieutenant Governor Kleefisch, but also keep (and possibly grow) the majorities in the State Assembly and State Senate. Every vote matters!

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