If you thought that the problem of shortages at grocery stores is over, you may be wrong.

Over a period of many months, I have experienced the lack of availability of products when shopping for groceries. To this day, the problem continues.

Even when products are available, the range of brand options have been reduced. You may be able to find strawberry jam at the store, but perhaps not find the brand that you always want to buy.

In our economy, we are used to having a wide range of products and brands to choose from. Consumers can pick what they like, based on their taste. That is no longer the case, as product shortfalls and supply chain problems continue.

Furthermore, prices have increased in the economy. The Consumer Price Index has risen to a 40-year high, hurting people’s budgets as they shop for necessities.

In the United States, consumers expect and deserve an efficient shopping experience. Unfortunately, these days, it is not unusual to see long lines of customers in front of check-out counters, waiting for a long time before they are able to complete their transaction. This is primarily because stores do not have enough staff members. As a result, people lose their valuable time while shopping.

Our economy is not in good shape. Since President Joe Biden took office, consumers have suffered from product shortages, long lines, and high prices in stores. No one knows when economic stability will return.

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